Indomix, real name, Oluwole Iloyi is a sound engineer and entrepreneur. He is one of the most preferred mix and mastering engineer today in the industry. Since his inception as an artiste under the group, he has tactically grown and chosen the sound engineering path which he adopted after a fall-out of his music group.
He is the second son of four children, had his primary and secondary education in Sagamu where was he grew up. Later he attended Moshood Abiola Polythenic to obtain National Diploma. Subsequently, he decided to face production even though he started with singing after forming a group and before he knew it, he found himself in production and finally chose it as a life path.

Officially he started his journey into music in 1998 with a group of four guys. Later, they were reduced to two, then he found himself in production, paused the singing aspect and got into music production and engineering fully. As a sound engineer, Indomix is responsible for ensuring crystal clear sound on songs brought in by artiste. He mixes the songs such that listeners would be able to pick the exact lyrics and the instruments in the beat. Even though he started with production, he has over the years maintained his focus, sharpening his skills on one thing which is sound engineering.


Indomix began his engineering with songs from different people he cannot even remember but the first known artiste he ever worked with was Faze. He worked with him when he worked on one of his first single as a solo artiste. Even though he wasn't the main engineer on the job at the time, he later believed in him strongly when it was time to work on the song, ‘Kolomental’ as he was the co-engineer but on the remix, he became the main engineer, and from there, the ‘Originality’ Album.
It was while working with Faze that he got the name, Indomix. Back then, he was called ID da weed, Indo, Indomie and all sorts of name. So Faze said he should pick one name that people would know him with. And he said since he mixes songs, and they turn out well, he should use the Indo and put the Mix behind; that was how ‘Indomix’ came about.
From there artistes like Terry G who was a back up artiste for Faze then and other people around started the trend. The name didn't go out there until Sound Sultan advised him to be the first sound engineer to add his name/signature to songs since producers do it too. So after working on "Ole" by Sound Sultan and 2face Idibia, he attached his name to it and the recognition started pouring in. He was the first to do that.