Musical, Artists, DJ's etc...

Mastering is the final stage of production. It under goes various refinement processes to optimize the sound quality, clarity, dynamics and overall level of the audio using processes such as:

  • Noise Reduction & Equalization.
  • Compression & M/S Processing.
  • Matching differing levels between tracks.
  • Creating cross-fades between tracks.


Musical Artists, DJ's etc...

Recording is the magical process of making something intangible or conceptual,become real, physical and re-producible – whether it’s an idea put down as words on a page, a scenic view captured on film, or a musical performance caught on tape Indomix sounds offers recording for vocalist, solo musicians that want quality recordings, without the high studio costs.

Once you’ve got the recorded parts of the music, you need to mix them all together, balancing and sculpting the frequencies with equalization, making sure each part complements the others and fits snugly in the mix; augmenting instrumentation or even replacing dud-notes; correcting pitch & tuning; controlling the dynamics so that random chords/notes/beats/sounds don’t make your loved-ones cry when the chord/note/beat/sound jumps out of nowhere surprising the listener; appropriate gain-staging, automating track levels and applying effects; and creating an audio-phonic illusion of space & time - manipulating panorama and depth!.


Musical Acts, Producers, DJ's

We are also affiliated to major A list producers within the Nigerian music industry. We guarantee a superb production under our direction.

Our professional PR team can help get your music out to major music websites, blogs, clubs, radio, TV and magazines. With our strategies we will ultimately help you make the transition from being unheard to be heard.


Artist, Producers & Sound Engineers

We also work over the internet! Yes! You can send us your audio files via some sort of FTP (e.g. WeTransfer, Dropbox) to be mixed and mastered - a super convenient solution to the problem of long distances! (Clients should contact our management for booking and arrangement.)

We train aspiring producers and sound engineers. Making them grow from unknown to be a known/renowned star